You are likely to attempt to controls (or perhaps to shed regulation) aˆ“ particularly through gender or seduction

You are likely to attempt to controls (or perhaps to shed regulation) aˆ“ particularly through gender or seduction

You are likely to attempt to controls (or perhaps to shed regulation) aˆ“ particularly through gender or seduction

When you yourself have Mars in Cancer, you are specially attracted to a defensive and adult man, and perhaps to at least one just who acts like a aˆ?father-figureaˆ? for your requirements.

You are further curious if he is rich or popular or powerful or gorgeous… and thus can mirror their magnificence onto your.

You can easily fall for a buddy, but can often leave a romance fade into a friendship

Men just who commands value, and men that is nice (and will afford to getting), may also appeal to you.

You would like males just who admire and praise your. A superb face and beautiful looks get attention. You may well be particularly keen on aˆ?the bossaˆ? or boys that happen to be aˆ?leadersaˆ? for some reason.

When you yourself have Mars in Leo, you may get turned on by witnessing a person act self-assured, cocky, as well as arrogant.

Basically, you are like a Princess whom wants is handled royally and courted by a good-looking and effective Prince.

The kind of guy whom brings your was intelligent, well-mannered, well-dressed, useful, and trustworthy aˆ“ especially if he’s nice and clean.

You could really examine the new date’s fingernails to see if they have been clean and beautiful. Or perhaps you examine their boots.

Appearances are essential to you aˆ“ not really much LOOKS, but SEARCHING aˆ?properaˆ? aˆ“ but few were aˆ?perfectaˆ? enough. However you are in some instances attracted to one that is far from perfect, because you consider you can aˆ?fixaˆ? your.

Your enjoyed one who is able to act with decorum publicly, however can abandon himself to a natural lustinesss in exclusive (whilst do).

The type of man who attracts you is charming, polite, well-dressed, and looks aˆ?classyaˆ? aˆ“ and it helps if he’s good-looking, romantic, and a bit old-fashioned.

Serenity is really what you look for, yet it will become boring to you aˆ“ so you like to shake issues upwards slightly occasionally. Particularly if you need Mars in Libra, you may be turned on in what the thing is as aˆ?beautifulaˆ? aˆ“ like a finely-formed human anatomy or face.

It’s also possible to pick an argument arousing, as long as it continues to be verbal and will not have actually intimidating. However read your self to be a lover, maybe not a fighter, you are intimately attracted to a macho sort, as Venus had been interested in Mars.

You’re a bit like Ginger Rogers, along with your idea of an ideal spouse might be a Fred Astaire. If you were in a televison series, you could potentially perform aˆ?Dianeaˆ? on aˆ?Cheersaˆ?.

The sort of guy just who draws your looks intensive or inscrutable, and has a type of magnetized charisma about your that tips at smouldering sex and enthusiasm.

You will be strong-willed and possessive, and like the same in a lover, for your needs posses a deep-felt should be need

a slight psychological power struggle could be a sexy facet of the attraction. Men who look mysterious or brooding or have aˆ?deep dark colored strategiesaˆ? could intrigue and attract you. Discover some films starring James Dean or Mickey Rourke for examples.

For those who have Mars in Scorpio, you will have extra-strong interests and intimate needs, and a sexual magnetism that’s sensed by others, especially various other Scorpio sort.

The person whom pulls your is certainly one who exhibits higher ethical and moral criteria, and lives around their beliefs of sincerity and stability aˆ“ and more if the guy could coach you on things or perhaps a religious guide.

You’re best aˆ?Seductressaˆ? and could be specifically turned on of the raw intimate electricity of a passionate man

Discussing activities or sports or a philosophical conversation becomes their interest, and a guy with a feeling of laughs gets your affections aˆ“ though his humor include badpanionship or aˆ?being buddiesaˆ? is important to you, which means that your romances typically start with an informal contributed activity.

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