This terminology is acceptable, only if the operator emphasizes the conditions that are attached to the offer

This terminology is acceptable, only if the operator emphasizes the conditions that are attached to the offer

This terminology is acceptable, only if the operator emphasizes the conditions that are attached to the offer

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So what constitutes a No Deposit Bonus in the UK? As the name implies, this bonus tells players that they can claim a bonus without making a deposit. But that doesn’t clearly say whether players need to give something in return for the bonus they are about to claim.

And as you probably know, most bonus offers come with wagering requirements. Therefore, the operator must clearly state that the bonus comes with wagering requirements. Wagering requirements require players to make a deposit after they claim and use the bonus, in order to be eligible to claim their winnings. This means that UK operators cannot use the term “free bonus” here anyway, because the bonus comes with strings attached.

Nevertheless, UK No Deposit Bonuses are available to players who want to claim them and play through the wagering requirements. The info on the wagering requirements is highlighted on these offers so that players are not misled. Moreover, players are given the right to read the Terms and Conditions of the offers before they claim them. Therefore, they know prior to claiming the bonus whether or not they need to play through wagering requirements.

UK No Deposit Bonus Types

Given the restrictions, you would assume that there are not as many No Deposit Bonus types you can choose from. However, you would be wrong. In fact, these restrictions allow operators to be creative with their bonus offers, of course, while abiding by the rules. There are actually three major types available across UK sites.

The Standard No Deposit Bonus is the one described above, which comes with wagering requirements. This bonus usually gives players a cash reward, so that they can start their online gambling experience with a boost. Of course, later, they would need to deposit and play through the wagering requirements. Speaking of playing, the Standard No Deposit Bonuses can be used for playing any game available.

Now, No Deposit No Wagering Requirements is a bonus that technically can be truly called a “free bonus”, because, as you can see, comes with no requirement to make a deposit and no wagering requirements. However, operators still cannot use the word “free” in such offers, even if they are truly giving a freebie.

Instead, they describe the bonus and its terms in the title explicitly. This way, no player can be confused whether or not wagering requirements are attached to the bonus.

No Deposit No Wagering Requirements offers can give players all kinds of rewards. From cash amounts to limited free play on different types of games, be it table games, Live Dealer games, scratchcards or other games, or bonus credits to be used on these games.

Now, while in some markets, the use of the words “Free Spins” is allowed, in the UK, operators use the term No Deposit Casino Spins for offers that give players the chance to try out the online slots without making a deposit first. The operators give players a certain number of Casino Spins for only one slot, a selection of titles or the entire portfolio of a certain developer, or all possible slots that exist at the site.

These Casino Spins can be with or without wagering requirements, depending on the operator offering them and the software whose games are being promoted. Often, developers make deals with operators to promote a new slot, so they both agree to give players a number of Casino Spins to try out that game. Everyone benefits from this. Players get to be the first ones to try out the new title, developers have their games promoted, and operators have best egt casino sites new players on the site.

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