It hilarious, when it comes down to cutesy subtitles were flashing red within his attitude.

It hilarious, when it comes down to cutesy subtitles were flashing red within his attitude.

It hilarious, when it comes down to cutesy subtitles were flashing red within his attitude.

Dangerous. The guy feigns lack of knowledge about the going-ons, but she very passionate and romantic about this, and tries to clarify that she suggesting to your. Ha.

As she talks about awakening to each other each morning, the subtitles continue, and from her views it is simple and adorable, yet we see that people include his phrase of doom. Hahahaha. He actually sweating through this energy, and he looks for their getaway route.

The very first thing the guy do? He blows from the candles on the meal, citing an excuse about a stomach angry, and dashes on the washroom. Hee. Jang Mi need to be truly heavy though, because she funnily talks about him like damn are in the middle of a proposal, rather than like she realises he leaking out.

Back the reception, the blind time of the day try a cameo by Nam Ji Hyun (4Minute, The intimate Idol). She all docile and courteous, cheerful at Gi Tae. They are, having said that, rude and obnoxious, deciding to bring a text talk with Hoon Dong (once the more messages your for assistance, ha).

Ji Hyun (shall we simply call their by the woman genuine identity, since their merely a cameo) clears the girl neck, and Gi Tae apologises, attempting to continue the conversation. Except she states they are not even a word in. Ha. To which the guy shows that they begin immediately, all while unwrapping some gum and placing it in his lips.

He tells the girl to inquire of every little thing she interested in him, and she starts with a general concern about where he life. He states Gangnam (in a nutshell, Chaebol area), in which he very arrogantly continues on about his life style, featuring about his home, his automobile and all. Ew, though we obtain that he totally looking to get reduce this lady.

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong include engaged in an online talk, with Gi Tae all cooler and unsympathetic to Hoon Dong problem. Concurrently, Jang Mi worried about Hoon Dong (the guy experienced the bathroom . for too long). Ji Hyun asks Gi Tae if he has got seen numerous pretty lady (in his distinct jobs), and his answer sarcastic as he says he possess viewed many woman who would like to become rather. How correct.

He keeps on by the addition of that (those people) are able to spend some huge cash inside the hospital/clinic. As an afterthought, the guy commends himself for having a house, an automible and a medical facility.

Ji Hyun come actually courteous and tolerating of their behaviour, but the lady latest straw occurs when Gi Tae asks exactly what she will render your (while typing it to Hoon Dong. The guy actually asking all of them both). He desires Hoon Dong to offer your a building, even so they settle mid-way, as Hoon Dong agrees provide him free of charge rental for 36 months.

Right now Ji Hyun currently upset, as she points out that he been using their cellphone since forever. Gi Tae merely replies he enjoys people looking forward to your upstairs, he been choosing whether the guy is going up. Since he didnt specify whether it be a woman or man, taken out of perspective, they misleadingly sounds bad. And Ji Hyun try riled up, splashing one cup of drinking water on their face. He amusingly ared, for the guy throws straight down their cellphone, rips off their specs and shuts their sight before she can it. Ha, but she not done but, for the time being she requires his windows of water, and gradually pours it down their mind. Burn. Or Pssssst.

In any event, the guy heads up the resort to save lots of Hoon Dong, and when the guy rings the bell, Jang Mi curiously asks Hoon Dong if the guy needed space service. Ha. She starts the entranceway anyway, and here the initial conference your guides: he all saturated, she facing a subsequent unsuccessful offer.

He introduces himself as Hoon Dong buddy, as well as but struts inside space. Ha, he tips on the balloons and attempts to defeat the accents, asking where washroom try. Dragging Hoon Dong down, the guy primps themselves in the restroom.

Jang Mi puzzled over precisely why he made an appearance saturated, and he replies (to Hoon Dong snigger) it happens anytime the guy goes on a blind big date (explaining his skills at they). Ha, he had gotten all sorts of drink built on him one or more times. LOL.

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